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Region: Sakarya - Sapanca

Local time: 18:20

Recently,Sapanca was chosen as one of the best short-termed holiday places because it is not only close to many big centers but also has magnificent natural beauties. Economy and income of Sapanca is on the upbeat recently because of the institutions established around the lake.These institutions were damaged in the earthquake in 1999 and rebuilt again so they provide a new arising in the economy of Sapanca. Especially in Maşukiye and Kırkpınar locations there are so many holiday villages. In the last years one of the locations on the upbeat is Kartepe which is the highest hill of the Samanlı Mountains around the Maşukiye. The Richmond Hotel, which opened its doors is now one of the best hotels with its high quality service.
It hosted many names with its SPA massage. It also hosted many minister while they were working on constitutional changes in 2007.

Sakarya - Sapanca Hotels

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