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Mediterranean Region (Turkish: Akdeniz Bölgesi) is one of the seven geographical regions of Turkey. It borders the Aegean Region to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Southeastern Anatolia Region to the east, and the Central Anatolia Region to the north.
The Mediterranean Region has a Mediterranean climate characterized by warm, relatively humid winters and hot, dry summers. In winter temperatures can go as high as 24 C and in summer it is in the upper 30's. You can swim year-round except some wet weeks in the winter, because the water temperatures never drops below 15-16 C and can be as high as 20 C in winter.
The population is concentrated especially at the locations suitable for agriculture, tourism, industry and commerce.
The plains of this region are rich in agricultural resources. Fertile soils and a warm Mediterranean climate make the area ideal for growing citrus fruits and grapes, cereals and, in irrigated areas, rice and cotton. Summers are hot, and droughts are not uncommon. Other industrial and agricultural products of the area are wheat, barley, tobacco, green houses and carpet weaving, aluminum and steel. 80% of total of Turkey's oranges and mandarins are grown here, meanwhile bananas are specific only to this region.

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