Region: Istanbul - Sisli

      Local time: 03:06

      Being the only city in the world built on two continents, Istanbul stands on the shores of the unique beautiful Bosphorus where the water of the Black Sea, the Marmara and the Golden Horn mixes up. Istanbul has been the capital city of three Empires which used to dominate the world. It contains the ruins of these Empires. With its important remains of these civilizations, imposing and mystic city scenery, it creates a harmonious link between East and West, past and present, antique and modern. With its incredible history which is more than 2500 years old, it is one of the most interesting citys in the world.
      Due to this fact there are many sightseeing options like palaces ( Topkapı Palace, Dolmabahçe Palace, Bytlerbeyi Palace, Göksu Palace, Yıldırım Palace…), Mosques (Sultan Ahmet Mosque ”Blue Mosque”, Süleymaniye Mosque, Rüstem Paşa Mosque, Fatih Mosque, Eyüp Mosque…), Museums (Aya Sofya Museum”Saint Sophia”, Kariye Museum, St. Irene Museum, Underground palace,…), Monuments ( Sultan Ahmet Square, Ahmet III Fountain, Rumeli Hisarı, Galata Tower….).

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