Region: Izmir - Selcuk/Sirince

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      Şirince is a village of 600 inhabitants located 8km east of the town Selcuk.
      From the town of Selcuk, a winding road takes you further up the mountains through green countryside to this corner of paradise. Perched High in the hills surrounded by vineyards, peach orchards and olive groves, Sirince is one of the most picturesque villages on the Aegean coast.
      Most of the houses in Sirince were built around the 19th century or earlier when Sirince was predominantly a Greek village, today some of them have been restored and turned into pensions for over-night guests.
      Souvenir shops, an open market, a dozen restaurants and a few guest houses scatter the pretty cobbled streets of the village. Although tourism has come into the village, farming remains the foremost activity. Villagers make olive oil, and grow some of the best peaches in the country.
      Sirince is probably most famous for it’s wine production. You see many wine houses around where you can taste the many sorts of grape and fruit wines they make there.
      Greek writer Dido Sotiriyo in his book, “Greetings to Anatolia“: “If there is a paradise on earth, then our Sirince is surely part of it.”
      As well as a mosque, there are also two churches in Sirince. The St John Baptist church, set in a beautiful courtyard with a fountain, is currently being restored by the ministry of culture of Turkey.

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