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Region: Mersin - Silifke/Yesilovacik

Local time: 08:42

Mersin Province, Turkey, 80 km (50 mi) west of the city of Mersin.

To the north of Silifke there is an excellent excursion opportunity, to Uzuncaburc. The road up to the magnificent ancient site of Olba-Diocaeserela is lined with large tombs. In the ancient city there are the ruins of the Temple of Zeus, Olbius and the Temple of Tychaion, and numerous arches, theater, Byzantine church and tower.

Tasucu is a pleasant resort town with good accommodations and fine sandy beaches, especially the Aphrodite Beach. The harbour includes regular sea bus services to Girne in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. 60 kms from Mersin, to the west is the ancient city Korykos, which is now the resort town of Kizkalesi, with sandy beaches and camping sites.

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