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Region: Nevsehir - Goreme

Local time: 02:46

Göreme, situated 10km from Nevsehir, is found in an area surrounded by valleys, within the Nevsehir-Ürgüp-Avanos triangle. In a document, it is said that St. Hieron was born in Korama at the end of the 3rd century, was martyred in Melitene (modern Malatya) with his 30 friends and his hand was cut off and sent to his mother in Korama. A very big depiction of St.Hieron of Korama is found in the Tokali (Buckle) Church in Göreme Open Air Museum.
Despite the vast number of monasteries, churches and chapels in the vicinity of Göreme, there are not many inscriptions bearing dates. For this reason, these religious buildings are mainly dated according to the iconography or architectural features.

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