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      The turn for Patara is ten kilometers along the road from Kalkan to Fethiye; from there it is six kilometers to the ancient city, and one more to the beach. Patara was a member of the Lycian Union, one the six cities that held the right to three votes, and possibly the most important of all. Most meetings of the Lycian Union were held at Patara. There are 5th century BC Lycian references to the existence of the city of Patara
      Patara was very important during the Roman period as well. It was significant for its port, its wheat warehouses, and for transport. The city gradually-lost its importance as the port of Patara filled up with sand, and vessels found it difficult to berth. The sand, shifted by the winds, not only silted up the port area but in time also covered up much of the city. Some remains of the city lау today under the fantastic Patara Beach. Barriers have been set up above Patara Beach to prevent further shifting of the sand by the winds
      One of the most impressive ruins at Patara is the Roman Arch of Triumph, dated to the end of the 1st century AD. Among the other remains that can be seen towards the hill are the baths, a Byzantine basilica, and a Corinthian-style temple.

      -Patara Beach
      The beach is eighteen kilometers long. The sand is very soft, and the water is shallow. The area is protected, because sea turtles leave their eggs. The area is suitable for windsurfing since the breeze never stops. The sun is burning hot and, as there is no shade on the beach, do not forget to rent an umbrella at the entrance. There are restaurants in the area
      There is a horse riding center where you can join a horseback trip along the beach. The tour takes in the sides of the channel, sand hills, and seaside.

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