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Region: Izmir - Ozdere

Local time: 20:07

Özdere met the name ‘Kasura’in the Hittite age,’Dioshieron’in the Ionian age,’Kesre’in the Ottoman age,and present name ‘Özdere’ in 1960’s. Özdere,a part of the İzmir province of which history dates back to 5000 years before,cherished more than 28 nations in its fertile fields.It’s one of the lovely towns of Aegean which is crib of the civilization.Tourism is the most important daily bread of the aborigines.At the same time fishing,agriculture,ranching are other occupations of aborigines.Here best well-aromatic SATSUMA mandarin orange is grown and it decorates the dinner tables in all over the world.
Özdere has a chance in terms of being close to Adnan menderes Airport,Efes Airport,Kuşadası and Çeşme Seaports

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