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Region: Spain

Local time: 17:19

The peninsula of Europe has managed to capture the hearts of their visitors with her romantic and mysterious history, her bullfights and flamenco dances. Spain has 17 autonomous regions, the most important of them are Bask and Catalonia.

In Spain art can be found everywhere. In this country you can bump beside her history, also to her architectural Works. Beside the influence of the Gothic architecture, it also offers a breathtaking atmosphere of the architectural Works of Antonio Gaudi, the architect of the 20th century. The most famous work of the country is Sagrada Familia, which is stil not finished.

Spain is known for his fish and seafood courts. The most famous of the courts is paella. In every cafe of the country you can find Calamari pan, which is an example of the Mediterranean kitchen.

The Spanish people present himself spirited and happy at every time of the day.

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