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Region: Asia

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The continent ASIA belongs without the islands, which are linked with it, to the northern hemisphere. It has a surface of 44 Mil. km² and 1,514 billion inhabitants. Only itself fills 1/3 of the land surface which is above the water surface and it has of five continents of the world the biggest and has the most population.

In the Past the Don river was recognized as border between Asia and Europe, nevertheless the Ural mountains were accepted as a border. The history of the continent Asia applies up to the prehistoric time. After different excavations and archaeological researches there were ascertained by investigations in skeletons, ceramics and other things that is to be ascertained the human civilization and the education by cultures in this continent earlier than in the other continents.

The biggest mountain of the continent and of the world is the Mount EVEREST (8848 m) which is at the Himalayas and in Chinal Nepal border.
In contrast to Europe the cold's influence is much lower. The biggest level of the continent creates the west sibirische level.

In regard to the land surface is the biggest land Russia with 17 Mil. kms ², China with 9.5 Mil. kms ² and at least India with 3.3 Mil. kms ². The big part of the population is in South Asia and South-East Asia which has also at the same time 80% of the population of Asia. The countrys with the highest population figures are: China with 1.2 billions and India with 936 Mil. inhabitants

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