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Region: Bursa

Local time: 20:42

The ancient Prusia resting on the foot of mount Olympus of Mysia (2543), lying on the northwest slopes of mount Uludağ, Bursa is one of the most important ski centers of Turkey. Being a centre of the silk trade and towel manufacturing, being close to the southern riviera of the sea of Marmara and presence of curative hot springs make Bursa one of the most popular holiday centers for foreign visitors and an important commercial city. As a result of being the first Ottoman capital, Bursa has many religious monuments, mosques, tombs, and baths.The most famous places to be seen are; Yeşil Camii (Green Mosque), Yesil Türbe(Green Tomb), Ulu Camii (Great Mosque), Yıldırım Beyazit Mosque, Emir Sultan Mosque, Orhan Gazi Mosque, Muradiye Mosque, Etnographical Museum and the Otoman Museum.
Something else you may enjoy in Bursa is the mineral-rich warm thermal springs such as Eski Kaplıca (old Spring) and Karamustafa Paşa Baths.

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