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Region: Leipzig

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Leipzig has a population of over 513,082. Leipzig was the German candidate for the 2012 Summer Olympics, but did not make it to the short list. Johann Sebastian Bach worked in Leipzig from 1723 to 1750, at the St. Thomas Lutheran Church, and Richard Wagner the composer was born in Leipzig in 1813.
Main sights:
-St. Thomas Church (Thomaskirche): Most famous as the place where Johann Sebastian Bach worked-Völkerschlachtdenkmal (Battle of the Nations Monument): the largest monument in Europe, built to commemorate the victorious battle against Napoleonic troops
-Gewandhaus: home to the famous Gewandhaus Orchestra, it is the third building of that name
-Altes Rathaus: the old city hall was built in 1556 and houses a museum of the city's history
-Neues Rathaus: the new city hall was built upon the remains of the Pleißenburg, a castle that was the site of the 1519 debate between Johann Eck and Martin Luther in 1519
-City-Hochhaus Leipzig: built in 1972, it was once part of the university and is the city's tallest building
-The Leipzig Botanical Garden is the oldest botanical garden in Germany

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