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Region: Balikesir - Ayvalik

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Ayvalık is a seaside town in the northwestern Aegean coast of Turkey. It is a district of the Balıkesir Province. It is situated on a narrow coastal plain surrounded by low hills to the east which are covered with pine and olive trees.
Today, Ayvalık(aivali) and the numerous islets encircling the bay area are popular holiday resorts. The most important and the biggest of these islets is Cunda Island. In recent years Ayvalık has also become an important point of attraction for scuba divers with its underwater fauna.
Since September 1998, Ayvalık has had an international music academy (AIMA) which gives master classes for violin, viola and cello. It brings together students from all over the world and gives them a precious opportunity to work with distinguished masters of their branch.
Ayvalık and its environs are famous for the highly appreciated quality of olive oil production.
With its rich architectural heritage, Ayvalık is a member of the Norwich-based European Association of Historic Towns and Regions

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