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Region: Bursa - Iznik

Local time: 18:19

Iznik, formerly called Nicaea, is a small agricultural town located on a scenic lake in the south Marmara Region of Turkey 85 km east of Bursa. Iznik is still located mostly within its ancient Roman and Byzantine walls and ramparts which have a circumference of approximately 4.5 Km. Iznik is famous of its tile workshops.

Recent excavations of Iznik kilns tell us that the Ottoman ceramics in Iznik had a Seljuk background. The embossed red of the wall tiles of the mihrab of Suleymaniye Mosque (1555) marks the peak of Ottoman tiles and ceramics. During the Ottoman era, the Iznik tiles and pottery were exported to other countries via the island of Rhodes, then under Turkish rule.
A famous Turkish traveler, Evliya Celebi, mentions the existence of 300 workshops in Iznik during the l7th century. This number, also justified by the excavations, gives us an idea of the importance of tile production in this town.

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