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Region: Ordu

Local time: 20:43

Ordu is a province of Turkey, located on the Black Sea coast .The city is a strip of Black Sea coast and the hills behind, historically an agricultural and fishing area and in recent years, tourism has seen an increase, mainly visitors from Russia and Georgia, as Ordu boasts some of the best beaches, rivers, and lush green mountains on the Black Sea coast. Walking in the high pastures is now a popular excursion for Turkish holidaymakers.
Ordu is famous for hazelnuts. Turkey as a whole produces about 70 percent of the world's hazelnuts, and over 50 percent of those come from Ordu. The recent drop in hazelnut prices however has led farmers to supplement their income with honeybees. The higher altitudes are covered in forest.
The Province of Ordu extends along the banks of Boztepe. It is 450 m to the sea level. It is splendid experience to view the Province from Boztepe, a panorama combined with the magnificent appearance of Black Sea.

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