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Region: Giresun

Local time: 03:26

Giresun is a province of Turkey on the Black Sea coast. Giresun has a natural beauty, especially in the highlands. The lower areas near the Black Sea coast are Turkey's largest producer of hazelnuts, indeed a Giresun folk song tells "I will not eat a single hazelnut, unless you are by my side"

The mountain villages are remote, with poor roads and little else in the way of infrastructure. And the hillsides are too steep for agriculture also, so for example cornbread is the traditional meal, as they cannot grow wheat.

The climate is typical of this stretch of the Black Sea coast i.e. very wet. Local flora includes bilberries (Turkish "taflan").
Due to the dense in Giresun, woodwork is among the common handcrafts in the region. Some of small wooden handcrafts peculiar to the city are churns, külek (a storing pot for cheese), and spoons.
Kümbet, Karagöl and Bektaş - areas of attractive mountain pasture in the district of Dereli, where people can enjoy walks and picnics. Annual folklore festivals are held here in summer.

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