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Region: Bartin

Local time: 02:10

Bartın is one of the centers in Turkey's Black Sea region that is becoming increasingly attractive for tourists. With its rich architectural heritage, Bartın is 80 kilometers east of Zonguldak in Bartin province on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, the calm city of timbered houses. It's one of the newest provinces of Turkey.
The wooden Bartin houses display the architectural characteristics of the art movements after the Tanzimat Fermani (Reforms Decree). Temperate Black Sea naval climate is experienced in Bartin. Summer seasons are hot while winter seasons are chilly, and lots of rain of course which gives all of its green vegetation of the region.
The Bartin River passing through the city gives way to boat trips in the city to catch a glimpse of perfect landscape.
This lovely city hosts strawberry festivals in spring. The city also has beaches of good quality. Inkum, a lovely setting with a holiday village and other facilities, has sandy beaches.

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