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Region: Van

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The province of Van sits by Lake Van, and was the ancient Urartian capital of Tuspa. It is situated in a green, fertile oasis in the midst of rocky mountains. The modern city is located on the plain extending from the Lake Van. at a distance of 5 kilometers from the lake shore.It has often been called "The Pearl of the East" because of the beauty of its surrounding landscape. Van archaeological excavations and surveys carried out in the Van province and environs prove that the history of the city itself goes back as far as 5000 B.C. The Tilkitepe Mound, which is on the shore of Lake Van itself and only a few kilometres to the south of Van Castle is the only source of information about the oldest culture of Van.
For swimming and camping you may head for Edremit, 14 kms to the southwest. It is a holiday resort center from where you may do some sightseeing excursions
The Turkish Van and Van Kedisi (Van Cat) are breeds of cat native to this town and named after it. The Turkish Van cat is noted for having different coloured eyes and enjoying swimming and rain.

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