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Region: Kastamonu

Local time: 10:06

Kastamonu is one of the provinces of Turkey, in the Black Sea region, to the north of the country.
The province is mostly covered with forests, thanks to the mild Black Sea climate. The Ilgaz National Park where a micro-climate dominates due to the mountainous terrain and numerous streams is 63 km south the province center Kastamonu. There is also a ski-center with accommodation facilities located near the park.
Ilgaz Mountain (highest peak 2587 m) dominates the south of the province where hiking and whitewater rafting is possible at the Ilgaz Stream. The Ilgarini cave at Cide, the Alinca underground cave at Kure, and the International Equestrian Tourism Center of Daday are other attractions worth seeing.
There's a 12th-century Byzantine castle, the 13th-century Atabey Mosque and the Ibni Neccar Mosque also located in the province. The Mahmut Bey Mosque, located in the village of Kasaba is known for its elegant wood carvings. The ruins of the Roman city-state Pompeiopolis are found near Taşköprü.
Kastamonu also has many mansions, which are traditionally built with an architectural style unique to this region. Many of these mansions have been restored following a declaration by the local government in 2000, in order to preserve the historical texture.
Gideros Bay,13 km to Cide is a holiday resort with pensions and fish restaurants.
In a research conducted in the province, 812 different food are identified that are specific to the region.

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