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Region: Adana - Yumurtalik

Local time: 09:39

Yumurtalık is a town and district in Adana Province of Turkey. It is a Mediterranean port at a distance of about 40 km (25 mi) from Adana center.

The sea is clean and there is still a relaxed feel to this coast, so Yumurtalık is a holiday and weekend retreat for the people of Adana. There are also small hotels and guest houses for occasional visitor who can swim during the day and stroll along the beach or into the village in the evenings.

A number of beaches in Yumurtalık are also the nesting places for loggerhead sea turtle caretta breed. In fact the amount of beach-front holiday property is also part of the problem, even though the sand is clean the turtles won't lay eggs in these busy beaches with neon-lit discotheques blasting out all night.

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