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Region: Artvin

Local time: 18:56

Artvin is a city in northeastern Turkey on the Çoruh River near the Georgian border. Typical of this region, wide forests cover the area, and this landscape of mountains and lakes, plateaus and rivers, together with the traditional settings of pretty wooden houses, offers a pleasant atmosphere to visitors. If you buy a house here however you can be sure it will have a great view.

The wild and romantic Coruh river with its impressive rapids crosses the land here. White water rafting is possible on this river for the adventure-lovers to enjoy the excitement that few other rivers in the world offer.

Wide plateaus are also found in Artvin, one being the Bilbilan; and the other Kafkasor, where the famous Kafkasor Festival is held with the interesting bull-fights

Sarp border is opened to Georgia at Hopa countryside which belongs to Artvin. There are many historical citadels, mosques, churches, and bridges, along with yachting, hunting, fishing facilities and thermal springs .

There also exist numerous ancient sites for sightseers to visit. The ruins of a 16 th-century castle lie at the foot of the hill where the city is situated. There are fine old churches, dating to the 7th- and 10th-centuries.

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