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Region: Kastamonu - Inebolu

Local time: 10:47

İnebolu is a small town located on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. It is 590 km (367 mi) from Istanbul by road and 89 km (55 mi) north of Kastamonu. It is a typical Black Sea port town with many fine examples of traditional domestic architecture.

During the Turkish War of Independence, arms and ammunition were transferred to Anatolia through İnebolu. The town was attacked and defended itself with determination, for which it was honoured with the Independence Medal by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

İnebolu offers many fine examples of traditional Turkish architecture in the Ottoman style. By the end of the 19th century many wealthy inhabitants İnebolu built large houses along the banks of the Ikıcay river that divides the town. By 1890, the town had hundreds of beautiful houses built. The houses are painted with a special claret mineral pigment known as asi boyasi, which is highly resistant to sunlight and weathering. There are also some fortress ruins in the city

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